Monthly Archives: August 2013

Top 5 Things I Learned From My Last Job

I was chatting last week with one of my colleagues about my impending last day of work with the company when she said, “I knew right away you wouldn’t last.” Continue reading


30 Before 30: Making Myself Make Friends

It probably seems a little silly that I have “make a new close friend” on my 30 Before 30 List. I mean, I can’t make other people like me. I’m not some sorcerer with Justin-Bieberesque mystical powers. Not yet. Continue reading

Top 5 Favorite Console Games

My love affair with videogames began nearly 25 years ago, when the Smith household got its first computer. My sister and I would play hour upon hour of Concentration before graduating to games like Crystal Caves, Duke Nukem, and Commander Keen. By the time my dad picked up his first PlayStation, we were hooked. Continue Reading

30 Before 30

Twenty-nine years ago today, at 8:29 in the morning, I finally made my appearance after a week of labor (well, my mom says it was a week.) And I think she’d get a kick out of the fact that, like she did 29 years ago, I spent half past eight in the morning of August 16 hanging out with a big baby – my hubby – and a doctor. Continue reading