30 Before 30: The Whole 30

I suppose it’s appropriate that I’m kicking off my 30 Before 30 with the Whole 30 challenge – a month-long “nutritional reset” that replaces all the tasty things in my diet that are slowly killing me with foods that will contribute slightly less to an early death. 

For one whole month – 30 whole days – I’m saying goodbye to sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, and processed junk in general, and saying hello to whole foods.

I’ve enticed my husband and my sister as mostly willing passengers on this journey with the promise of bacon and eggs for breakfast every day. We’ve eliminated the bad foods (in that we ate them all yesterday) and stocked up on the good (made insanely easy with help from the handy shopping list available on the Whole 30 website.)

Today is Day One. Are we there yet?

At this point for me, the challenge is more psychological than physical (give it a few more days for my sugar cravings to kick in, and then we’ll see if I’m singing a different tune). You see, I don’t exactly believe those “bad foods” are really that bad. I know paleo proponents would argue the evils of grains and legumes, but I know equally vocal proponents of those products that would argue otherwise. And that’s fine – what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. Eat and let eat, you guys. 

So why am I doing the Whole 30 if I don’t believe in the rationale behind it?

I believe in the spirit of the program. I believe that I rely too heavily on processed foods in my diet and that those processed foods make me feel sick when I eat them. I believe that overuse of junk food and alcohol has put a tremendous strain on my body, and I believe I can begin to heal myself by eating more of the good foods and less of the bad. I believe that desperate times call for desperate measures.

I may not believe in the Whole 30 program, but I believe that it will help me make the changes I need to live the life I want.

Because the most important thing I believe in is myself.


3 thoughts on “30 Before 30: The Whole 30

  1. Brie @ Eat Books

    Have you read any of Tosca Reno’s books/cookbooks? I don’t agree with a lot of the paleo beliefs, but I believe in clean eating and trying to cut out processed junk (like you said). When you’re done in 30 days, you might find Tosca’s vision of clean eating more suited to your needs and wants 🙂

    1. Jen Post author

      Brie, I pick up Clean Eating magazine every month – love it! I’m hoping this will get me in the habit of eating healthy meals so that I can transition to a less stringent, more “clean eating” style of eating. 🙂


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