30 Before 30: Whole 30 Day 10

I don’t want to be one of those girls who talks about her diet. I like to think there’s more to me than the food I eat and workout I complete.

That being said, I have to talk about the Whole 30. I can’t stop talking about it. 

We’re one-third of the way through the Whole 30 plan, and while I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any weight loss (I won’t weigh myself until I’m done), I do have a few things to share on Day 10:

1. The dishes are nearly insurmountable. I’m doing dishes twice a day some days to make sure I have the pots and pans I need to make breakfast every day. It turns out that when you don’t cook, you don’t have a whole lot of dishes to do. The inverse is also true.

2. Boys are just ridiculous. Ryan didn’t get the memo that you’re not supposed to weigh yourself until after the program is done. He’s lost pretty much 1 lb a day. 10 lbs total. Just from changing his eating habits. Skinny jerk.

3. My acid reflux is gone. In the weeks leading up to this Whole 30, I ate like an animal trying to store fat for winter (I am not an animal; I am a human being!) My body revolted in the form of chronic acid reflux. I was miserable all the time. Now? Gone. Completely gone.

4. I’m sleeping better, and my energy levels are consistent throughout the day. Aside from some bizarro dreams (in one, I ate a mini cupcake and fell into a shame spiral), I’m sleeping through the night now, and I don’t get that mid-afternoon slump.

5.  Convenience foods were more of a crutch than I realized. On Day 3, I was starting to feel overwhelmed by all the cooking and the dishes. I never realized before how much I relied on convenience foods to reduce my stress levels. Not worrying about cooking meant I could worry about something else. No longer. (Though my overall mood is much better now.)

6. I can eat when hungry and stop when full. Last night, I had a peach and some almonds for dinner (I know, no protein. So shoot me.) I just wasn’t hungry for much else. Later in the evening, I thought about having a Lara bar, but I wasn’t really hungry, so I didn’t eat it. Neato.

7. The Whole 30 is easier than I thought it would be. The website literally provides a shopping list of the things I can eat. I don’t have to count calories. I don’t have to make sure I eat X blocks of protein, carbs, and fat (though I do try to eat balanced meals.) I haven’t had any major cravings or other side effects (aside from some bloating.) A rotisserie chicken from Sobey’s will give you 12 oz of ready-to-eat chicken that can be tossed in a salad or stir fry for a quick meal. In the time it would take to hit the McD’s drivethrough, I can have a Whole 30 compliant meal in my belly. It’s only as hard as you make it out to be.

When I started the program, I wrote that I didn’t entirely believe in the Whole 30 way of eating. Well, after only 10 days, I may have to eat crow.

I just hope it’s Whole 30 compliant.


One thought on “30 Before 30: Whole 30 Day 10

  1. Brenda Sargeant

    YAY you! Eating paleo IS easy! I’m 9 weeks now and truly feel like there is no turning back. I love the food I eat now…and I’m losing weight, and I have more stamina for life. lol.

    But MAN do I hear you on the dishes! I cook A LOT…and it motivates me, the more I cook, the better the eat.

    I’m still not sure I’ll ever try the Whole 30 though…I like my honey & maple syrup 😀


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