Shining Souls

Have you ever met someone who just seems to glow? Someone whose inner light draws you in like a moth to a flame? 

I know I haven’t often come across those people. I’m not sure those shining souls are rare, but when you’re in a dark place, you seem to attract darkness, and for most of my life, I’ve formed relationships (romantic and otherwise) with people whose light had gone out. People like me.

But once I started going to yoga regularly and putting myself out there to make friends, I began to meet people (yoga teachers, usually, but not always) who radiated happiness. You can tell, just by speaking with them, that they’re warm and compassionate and kind. They shine.

And this makes me very uncomfortable.

Setting aside my natural shyness at speaking with strangers, I feel – in a strange way – that their lightness somehow illuminates my darkness, laying it bare for all to see. And, like an evil beastie might shy away from the sun as they do in the books I read, I shy away from these bright people. Because deep down, I don’t believe I deserve their light.

Well, I didn’t have the option of shying away on Monday when I interviewed a lovely lady named Kelly for an article I’m writing about volunteerism in the community. I had to talk to her (I mean, I asked her to meet with me over coffee; it would have been rather rude to just run away as soon as she sat down.)

If you don’t know Kelly, she’s a redheaded yogi, like me, but unlike me, she wears her heart firmly on her sleeve – even in the most heartbreaking of circumstances, when others might close their hearts off. You see, when her second daughter was born with cystic fibrosis, Kelly made the decision to get involved and fight to find a cure.

And the Princess Ball was born.

Hearing Kelly’s story and learning about how she turned a personal challenge into something that benefits the entire community was absolutely inspiring. But her attitude about it all was what brought tears to my eyes. She shone.

In a situation where many might give up, might sink into darkness and never resurface, Kelly found her inner light. Just by talking to her over coffee for an hour, I could tell that she was fully committed to this calling of hers – and her conviction, her passion, and her love were so apparent in her eyes, her smile, her whole demeanor.

She’s a shining soul, and rather than shying away from these people who glow, perhaps I should seek them out and learn how to shine like they do.

As I was writing this post, this song came on the playlist I was listening to. It seems fitting.


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