Karma, dude. Karma.

Today, I’m suffering the karma of last week’s poor choices.

When I hit my mat last Wednesday, I found a state of ease and – dare I say – serenity that usually evades me when I’m practicing yoga. (I don’t care what anyone says. Yoga is hard, yo.) So after finally experiencing the state of inner peace that yoga practitioners often brag about (jerks), the only thing I wanted to do when I walked into Sunday’s yoga class was recapture that feeling of ease. 

But everything was hard. Everything hurt. Everything was too much. Everything – dare I say – sucked.

So I pushed. I pushed and pushed and pushed to find that fleeting ease. And guess what? It didn’t happen. I left my yoga practice feeling frustrated in my feeble body, angry that it wouldn’t perform the way it had only a few short days before.

And my body got frustrated right back. I woke up yesterday with sore knees – a sure sign that my hips weren’t happy with being forced into a place they didn’t belong on Sunday.

Karma, dude.

Most people think of karma as divine vengeance. You do bad things, and karma comes back to bite you in the ass. And I suppose that’s true, in some regards. I didn’t listen to what my body was telling me on Sunday, and karma came back to bite me in the ass (kind of literally – my lower back is killing me.)

Really, though, karma in its barest terms is cause and effect, both good and bad. And it’s pretty easy to see what your karma will be from the decisions you make throughout your day.

I ignored my body’s warning bells, so – duh – I hurt myself.
I procrastinated on getting some freelance work done last week, so – duh – I was in a mad panic to get everything done on time.
I yelled at my dog, so – duh – he’s a little less enthusiastic about coming when he’s called.

But it works both ways.

I put healthy food into my body, so – duh – I felt better than when I ate junk food last week.
I thanked my husband for folding the laundry, so – duh – he felt better about doing a crappy chore.
I carried my dog up the stairs, so – duh – I didn’t end up feeling bad that he biffed it yet again on the slippery tiles.

Despite what my body is telling me today, karma isn’t out to get me. It doesn’t work like that. I create my own karma every day by making choices that will either help or hurt me in a minute, an hour, a day, a year, or a lifetime.

And it’s time to choose better.


4 thoughts on “Karma, dude. Karma.

  1. thebexfactor

    I just started trying to hit the Breathing Room on my kid free time and had the exact same experience. My first class since pre-pregnancy was that total serenity and I nailed poses I wasn’t even able to do before I got pregnant. Total yogi high. The next week was EFFIN HARD and my hips were screaming at me the next day. Damn Karma.

    1. Jen Post author

      It feels like every single day on my mat is totally different (which I suppose makes sense, since I’m not the same day to day.) I love the yin classes on Friday evening / Saturday morning for hip stretching. If you’re ever kid free and want to hit yin with me, let me know. 🙂


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