Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Reluctant Reporter

I  never thought I would be a reporter. In fact, I actively avoided it throughout the winding course of my schooling and career. It just wasn’t for me.  Continue reading


Lessons in Love from Lord of the Rings

I always know what kind of stressful week I’m having by the movie I curl up with at the end of it. For those low-to-moderate stress weeks, I usually opt for a cartoon – Shrek, perhaps, or How to Train Your Dragon, or a Tinker Bell marathon. At the end of higher stress weeks, I’ll choose childhood favorites like the Princess Bride, Labyrinth, and Willow.  Continue reading

Thinking Small

On Monday, I took a nice, long walk outside for the first time in months. Finally, I thought as I enjoyed the sun, I can get some exercise. Finally, I can get out of this rut and begin to change my life. 

And then Tuesday found me bed-bound with a migraine. I couldn’t get up, let alone change my life. And back firmly into my rut I go.  Continue reading