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2014: My Year In Review

New Year’s Eve usually brings with it a look to the future: what do I need to fix in order to make my life perfect. Inevitably, that comes with a few regrets as well, of things I didn’t do the past year to make my life perfect. 2014 was no different: I didn’t lose 100 lbs; I didn’t write a best-selling novel that redefined the fantasy genre; I didn’t meet Rory McCann, and I certainly didn’t become his red-headed sassenach bride.  Continue reading


Shitting Dogs and Setting Goals

I know how you feel, Logan.

I know how you feel, Logan.

I’m not what you would call a determined person. You might, instead, call me a starter – a girl who loves fresh starts and new beginnings, fledgling projects and novel hobbies. And for as much as I love starting things, I hate finishing them. I quit most everything I try once it gets hard or boring or inconvenient.   Continue reading

Top 5 Things I Love About Working From Home

My office-mate, gazing at me in silent adoration.

My office-mate, gazing at me in silent adoration.

Two months in to working from home, I can say without exaggeration or hesitation: I have the best gig in the world.

Some people (looking at you, mom) were worried when I said I was leaving the office world behind in favor of a work-from-home job. Some people (again mom) weren’t sure I had the self-discipline to manage my own schedule. Some people even warned me that I’ll “have to be careful not to become slovenly.” (Yes, my mom really said that.)

Continue reading

Top 5 Favorite Console Games

My love affair with videogames began nearly 25 years ago, when the Smith household got its first computer. My sister and I would play hour upon hour of Concentration before graduating to games like Crystal Caves, Duke Nukem, and Commander Keen. By the time my dad picked up his first PlayStation, we were hooked. Continue Reading