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Good Intentions for 2014

I swear, my balls look better in person.

I swear, my balls look better in person.

Normally, I don’t set New Years’ resolutions (and normally I don’t even talk about them in mid-December, but here I go anyway.) My resolutions never seem to last longer than a few weeks, and then I’m left with the disappointment of failing, yet again, at my resolution.  Continue reading


The Wrong Reason to Vote

I’ve always approached voting as a bit of a chore: I don’t much care to do it one way or the other, but I know it’s important. So every election, I check it off my to-do list and bask in the self-satisfied smugness that comes from doing my civic duty.  Continue reading

My Dear Red Deer

Everywhere I’ve ever been, I’ve always wanted out.

The small town I grew up in seemed designed to suffocate me. By the time I graduated, I knew every road, and a fair number of backroads. Cruising around town – on foot, on bike, in my ’83 Chevy Blazer – was how I passed the time till I could leave. I think I was drawn to the roads and the promise of escape they held in each passing mile. Continue reading